Terça-feira, 12 de Abril de 2011

Once I met a lonely girl in my strange dreams.

She was beautifully morbid, with her grey eyes and pale skin.

I called her my own snow white queen.

She always holds my hand and takes me away to a better place.

A place where I feel like I can fly and like my mind is erased.

I kept asking, every time, where were we and why were we surrounded by dark fluffy clouds.

But she didn’t answer, she never did. She just looked at me and smiled.

One day, she stopped on the way. When I asked her what was wrong, she looked at me and smiled, without pronouncing a word.

Mad for nor knowing the truth, I ran away from her.

Half scared, half confident, I soon realized I was lost in the middle of the dark clouds, without knowing the way back.

I screamed her name, out loud, but she didn’t answer.

Everything started to get cold, and cold, and I lay on the floor, hugging my legs, trying to breathe.

I felt the cold air suffocating my lungs.

Then, she suddenly appears in front of me, with her shiny black shoes near me.

I look at her face, and there was nothing.

No deep eyes, no dark smile, nothing. Everything was white.

“She came back to haunt me”, I thought.

She looked at me, with her invisible eyes, and said:

“You’re not real, you were never born.”

I closed my eyes, with the emptiness inside me taking over, without open them again.


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De marlene cerm a 12 de Abril de 2011 às 20:47
I loved it. Awesome.

De Scarlet a 13 de Abril de 2011 às 18:59
Thank you <3

De marlene cerm a 13 de Abril de 2011 às 19:16
You're welcome.

De savannah w. a 12 de Abril de 2011 às 23:11
Kicking Off Again é da soundtrack do filme Killing Bono.

De savannah w. a 12 de Abril de 2011 às 23:11
btw, amei o texto. ♥

De Scarlet a 13 de Abril de 2011 às 19:00
Double thanks :p

De seekingbeautyindissonance.blogspot.com a 13 de Abril de 2011 às 23:09
Adorei, amei!
Está mesmo muito bonito o texto. Está lindo de uma maneira tão sombria. Adoro, meu amor.

De Scarlet a 16 de Abril de 2011 às 20:54
Ainda bem que gostas (:

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