Quinta-feira, 23 de Dezembro de 2010

Hello guys!

Just came here to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I'm not really exited for Christmas, but it's always nice to wish happy holidays to others.

I've been reading and writing a lot, so sorry if I'm not spending enough time here.

I'm working on 4 things now, so it really steals my time!

Tomorrow I'm going to my sister's house, I may take some pictures, maybe I'll post something here, dunno yet.

Maybe I'll post a photo of my dog with clothes, eheh. She looks so cute I just can't resist!

So, just wondering, does anyone around here is waiting for Patrick Stump's new cd? I was so sad when Fall Out Boy broke up, so when I heard Patrick was solo I was really happy (specially because Patrick was always my favourite). He already released 2 songs, really lovely songs! He is really lovely and talented! Ho, and he is skinny now! I always tought he was cute (even tough my old friends always said he was ulgy and chubby) and that he was so over rated because of Pete, but now people are actually giving him the credit he deserves. You shouls check out his youtube channel, you wont regret it! :D

Since we are talking about new albums, My Chemical Romance's new cd is just great. Yeah, they changed a lot, but they still sound awesome. And I fucking love Gerard! *is it weird that I love at least some guy from all my favourite bands? we also have Danny Worsnop, Ronnie Radke, Kurt Cobain, Tom Delonge, Mark Hoppus, everyone from The Gazette, Tyson Ritter, Strify, Luminor, Ville Valo, hum, and let's just end here... *

Hum, anyways, talking about new cd's, Asking Alexandria is coming out with a new one! * fan girl screams* Can't wait to have it!

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De seekingbeautyindissonance.blogspot.com a 23 de Dezembro de 2010 às 22:47
Ele era mesmo fofo em criança e agora para além de fofo, é super hot!

De anna † a 23 de Dezembro de 2010 às 22:51
oh muito obrigada ;)
é super bom saber isso.

De seekingbeautyindissonance.blogspot.com a 23 de Dezembro de 2010 às 23:03
I love sad, dark and depressing stories as well.
There's something about them that always catch my attention.
That story came to my mind because of a dream I had.
I dreamt that I smoked pot. I woke up the next day and this was the result.

De seekingbeautyindissonance.blogspot.com a 23 de Dezembro de 2010 às 23:16
Music is my inspiring muse too. But besides that there's always something that will inspire me.

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