Segunda-feira, 30 de Agosto de 2010



1. smoked.

2. consumed alcohol.

3. slept in the same bed with someone of the opposite sex.

4. slept in the same bed with someone of the same sex.
5. kissed someone of the same sex.

6. had sex.
7. had someone in your room other than family.
8. watched porn ( not exactly porn, btw)
9. bought porn.
10. tried drugs.

1. taken painkillers.
2. taken someone else’s prescription medicine.
3. lied to your parents.
4. lied to a friend.

5. snuck out of the house.

6. done something illegal.
7. felt hurt.

8. hurt someone.
9. wished someone to die.
10. seen someone die.
TOTAL so far: 15

1. missed curfew.

2. stayed out all night.
3. eaten a carton of ice cream by yourself.
4. been to a therapist.
5. been to rehab
6. dyed your hair.
7. received a ticket.

8. been in an accident.
9. been to a club.
10. been to a bar.
TOTAL so far: 23

1. been to a wild party.
2. been to a Mardi Gras parade.
3. drank more than three alcoholic beverages in a night.
4. had a spring break in Florida.
5. sniffed anything
6. wore black nail polish

7. wore arm bands.
8. wore t-shirts with band names.
9. listened to rap. (didn't like it)
10. owned a 50 Cent CD.
TOTAL so far: 28

1. dressed gothic.
2. dressed girly.
3. dressed punk.
4. dressed grunge.

5. stole something.
6. been too drunk to remember anything.
7. blacked out.
8. fainted.
9. had a crush on a neighbor.
TOTAL so far: 35

1. had a crush on a friend.

2. been to a concert.
3. dry-humped someone.
4. been called a slut. (only to insult me, because she didnt have anything else to say. yeah...)
5. called someone a slut.
6. installed speakers in your car.
7. broken a mirror.
8. showered at someone of the opposites sex’s house.
9. brushed your teeth with someone else’s toothbrush. 
TOTAL so far: 41

1. consider/considered Ludacris your favorite rapper.
2. seen an R-rated movie in theater.
3. cruised the mall.
4. skipped school.

5. had surgery.
6. had an injury.
7. gone to court.
8. walked out of a restaurant without paying/tipping.
9. caught something on fire.
10. lied about your age.
TOTAL so far: 46

1. owned/rented an apartment/house.
2. broke the law in the police’s presence.
3. made out with someone who had a gf/bf
4. got in trouble with the police.
5. talked to a stranger.

6. hugged a stranger.
7. kissed a stranger.
8. rode in the car with a stranger.
9. been harassed.
10.been verbally harassed.
TOTAL so far: 52

1. met face-to-face with someone you met online.
2. stayed online for 5+ hours straight.
3. talked on the phone for more than 4 hours straight.
4. watched TV for 5 hours straight.
5. been to a fair.
6. been called a bad influence.
7. drank and driven.
8. prank-called someone.
9. laid on a couch with someone of the opposite sex. (what's the problem with that? xD)
10. cheated on a test.
TOTAL : 59

If you have less than 10, write “I’m a goody-goody”
If you have more than 10, write “I’m still a goody goody”
If you have more than 20, write “I’m average”
If you have more than 30, write “I’m a bad kid”
If you have more than 40, write “I’m a horrible person”
If you have more than 50, write “I’m a very bad influence”
If you have more than 60, write “I should be in jail”
If you have more than 70, write “I should be dead”


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De Chica a 30 de Agosto de 2010 às 02:17
We are nearly the same.

De Katerina K. a 30 de Agosto de 2010 às 20:11
As cenas já não têm a graça de antes, ficar junto à caixa de correio a fazer figas.

De Katerina K. a 30 de Agosto de 2010 às 20:13
Queres começar ou que comece eu? xD

De Katerina K. a 30 de Agosto de 2010 às 20:17
Olha, manda a tua morada e nome completo para aqui:

E eu esta semana trato de te mandar a cartinha :b

De Katerina K. a 30 de Agosto de 2010 às 20:37
Tá :b

De Zoe Von Castiel a 31 de Agosto de 2010 às 16:22
LOL, este desafio anda a espalhar-se.
Também me de isso. Mas sejamos sinceras: se fossemos santinhas não tínhamos piada nem uma xD

De Katerina K. a 31 de Agosto de 2010 às 17:49
Mandei, mas depois diz que não dá :/

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