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I'm going to do this with 2 series, not movies. Sorry.


Vampire Diaries (books and series)


"I've been in love. Painful. Pointless. And overrated." Damon


Katherine: I didn't mean to hurt you... I'm sorry.

Damon: Katherine?

Katherine: Yes?

Damon: Katherine...

Katherine: Yes, Damon?

Damon: Go to hell.


Elena: I can't go down there. They think I'm dead!

Damon: Oh, you've remembered that. Good for you.


"How come you don’t sparkle?

“Because I live in the real world, were vampires burn in the sun” Damon


Skins ( first generation)


"Do you know what hurts the most about a broken heart? Not being able to remember how you felt before. Try and keep that feeling, 'cause if it goes, you'll never get it back...Then you lay waste to the world, and everything in it" Cassie


"Fuck it." Chris


"The thing is Cass, I've woken up this morning and the sun's shining through the window and is making me think of you. (...) and all I want to do this morning is sit on the top of Brandon Hill and hold you and tell you how wonderful you are, and I love you." Sid


"Wow... I didn't eat for three days so I could be lovely" Cassie


“Now that's an ending!” Chris


"People will do anything to work out why they feel bad, won't they?" Cassie


“Drama teachers man. 'Pretend to be a tree.' But I’m not a tree. 'Well pretend...' Fucking perverts the lot of them.” Chris


“She's thin, she's blonde, she says 'WOW' a lot” Tony


"I dont know why I am the way I am. Something makes me hate everything. (...) Don't you wish you could go back to when you hadn't lost anything?" Cassie



"Love? Love, Love Love... What is it good for? Absolutely nothing." Effy



Chris: Four months without sex that ain't, ain't funny. But you probably wouldn't understand that Jal.

Jal: Huh?

Chris: Well you don't have sex at all, do you, you have clarinet lessons.


Cassie: Wow, Maxxie, you look all horny!

Maxxie: You can tell?


Cassie: Chris are you allowed Spliff?

Chris: Allowed? What are you talking about?

Cassie: You were dead.


Angie: Anyone else want to get something off their chest?

Chris: I'm in love with…



Cassie: "I'll love you forever, Sid."

Sid: "Yeah?"

Cassie: "Yeah... That's the problem."

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De carolina c. a 5 de Agosto de 2010 às 20:21
Adorei a última da Cassie e do Sid :3

De carolina c. a 5 de Agosto de 2010 às 20:24

De summer wright a 5 de Agosto de 2010 às 21:05
Skins, skins, skins! Como eu amava aquilo )': o meu Chris....

De Chica a 5 de Agosto de 2010 às 21:48
Skins FTW.

"How come you don’t sparkle?
Because I live in the real world, were vampires burn in the sun” Damon, Take that Stephanie.

De seekingbeautyindissonance.blogspot.com a 7 de Agosto de 2010 às 17:41
Obrigada pelo comentário, querida.
Está tudo bem por aí ?
A música do teu blog é fixe, os Hole não são muito conhecidos és a única pessoa que eu conheço que sei que os conhece. :)

De seekingbeautyindissonance.blogspot.com a 7 de Agosto de 2010 às 18:01
Eu estou bem, tenho saído bastante, por isso não tenho vindo aqui ao blog. Os meus pais já estão de férias, finalmente. :)
Que tens feito ?

De MariaWolf a 9 de Agosto de 2010 às 18:13
Vampires Diaries e Skins *__*

eu lembro-me do episódio da katherine ahahahah

De MariaWolf a 10 de Agosto de 2010 às 10:33
a sério??? é que eu tenho a impressão que já vi isso em algum lado...
a sério mesmo!

De sviluppo pene a 11 de Agosto de 2010 às 13:54
Olá, estou a estudar Português e eu aconteceram em seu blog que bom!

De Angie a 12 de Agosto de 2010 às 11:34
Olá gostava de saber se podias divulgar o meu blog...


Agradecia muito :D Passsa por lá e dá uma espreitadela...

Kiss Kiss

God Bless <33

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