Quarta-feira, 9 de Junho de 2010

This is for someone that deserves it all. The person who makes me breathe every day.

She makes her own mistakes, she thinks bad toughs, she has her flaws, but she is perfect in every single way. She is beautiful to me, and nothing can change that.

Every time I lose my faith, in my darkest days, when I cry for hours because I just feel like I want to die, she is there for me. She gives me the power to stand up and be strong, because she is always saying how special I am and how she loves me.  

Always supporting me in everything I do and never letting me down. She’s got a million ways to make me laugh…

She makes me feel so happy, when I’m with her I just want to smile and think “ What have I done to get a friend like you?” and forget all the stupid problems. There was on time, in her house, when we were in bed and I just start crying because I was so freaking happy with her by side.  It’s kind of  stupid, I know.

Sometimes she does not understand how she is hurts me and makes me cry a lot, but deep down I know that she doesn’t do that is purpose.

Well, I could write for hours explaining how much I love her and how much I need her in my life  so I can be happy, but that’s impossible. Because words just can’t explain what I really feel for her.

She is all I need. She is my soul mate. I’m so lucky to have you, do you know?


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De Tatjiânna a 9 de Junho de 2010 às 20:10
Owww, está simplesmente lindo bolas :')
és tudo mesmo amor, nem imaginas!
Quero-te aqui no primeiro fim de semana das férias :O

Amo-te imensooooo <3

De Chica a 9 de Junho de 2010 às 22:31
Olá, Fii.
"So cute. Enjoy this beautiful friendship."
Adeus e Beijinhos.

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